Artist Residency

The Eric James Johnson Memorial Fellowship provides a living space, a studio, a bicycle, and a computer for one month to qualifying artists with projects they wish to complete in the city of Philadelphia. The program is completely free and comprises no stipend; however, fellowship recipients are automatically considered for the Benjamin D. Letzler Genius Grant, awarded to scientists and individuals deemed to have made an indelible contribution to the discipline of public education. Fellowship application requirements are that the artist have a project in mind which they expect to bring to reasonable completion within the month, and that their project have some tie to the city. At the end of the month, the artist is expected to present their work to Institute members, either in the house gallery of the Institute, or in another form.

The focus of the Institute’s Artist Residency program is the expansion of general human knowledge; it is thus Institute policy that Residency projects be completely free from copyright, and issued with a non-commercial license. Additionally, access to the project or its documentation should be open and free, either through personal visits to the Institute, or through publication on the Institute web site.

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