Greetings from Philadelphia
"I've enjoyed being a visitor to Philadelphia, and this project celebrates tourist kitsch by featuring souvenir-sized replicas of some of my favorite landmarks in Philadelphia. The title references those picture postcards that advertise local attractions, and I'm now interested in turning this project into a series of dioramas in the spirit of a tourist's collection. This project and the miniature gallery would not have been possible without help from the very generous and talented Brendan Kellogg, who put it all together."
--Sophia Wang

Greetings from Philadelphia - Images
  • Cira Center
    Cira Center
  • Giraffes - the Zoo Balloon
    Giraffes - the Zoo Balloon
  • The Zoo Balloon
    The Zoo Balloon
  • Rosa and Wulu
    Rosa and Wulu
  • Rosa
  • The gallery, in lights-on mode
    The gallery, in lights-on mode
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