Cat People

K-Fai Steele, in conjunction with the Philadelphia Institute for Advanced Study, presents: Cat People. The work is primarily split into two related parts. The first is an installation featuring a terrifying simulation of real life: 5 foot cat people, frozen in action and in contemplation, living components in the spiral of decay, and the lifeless mimicry of biological objects. The second is an adaptation of Shakespeare's "Othello: The Moor of Venice," featuring the self-same cats of the installation, lovingly portrayed by human actors in a variety of settings.

Opening reception Saturday, October 20th, 2007 at 8pm.

Information about the video presentation of Othello below (right-click to save to desktop):

Shot and Edited by Shawn Kornhauser
Adapted from William Shakespeare's Othello by Nathan Holt and K-Fai Steele

Production stills below:

Ear devil

Wenders C.P.

Cat Person in construction


Update 11/5/2007:

Photos from the installation and the opening below:

Watched Lovers
View from a Chair
K-Fai & Tree-Cat
K-Fai Steele at her Opening
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