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There are no scheduled upcoming events.
Past Events
February 05: The light room group presents the big fun DIY photoshoot
collaborators swap roles such as make up artist, model, lighting control, styling, props and photography. we used easily available materials and cheap light sources, garments and accessories made by friends and a good measure of fun to make our own big time Photo Shoot experience.
January 17: Zimoun. Statics III

The PRO HELVETIA Swiss Arts Council and the Culture Department of Berne, Switzerland present:

Swiss installation and sound artist Zimoun performing his "Statics III," as well as performance by New York-based filmmaker Andy Graydon.

Promises to be an interesting evening. The doubtful are directed to Zimoun's and Andy's previous work.

8:30 PM

This January 16th, Pen 16 combines forces with Game Lab. We will be playing a drawing game, Glinks, which generates large abstract mosaics based on a few simple rules of engagement.

The game is an attempt to crossbreed Cellular Automata with games and the act of drawing, and is still under development.

Non-competitive drawing will also be permitted. And if possible, bring graph paper.

8:00PM- 10:00PM
The December and January Eric James Johnson Memorial Fellowship Artists in Residence, Candida Pagan and Sophia Wang, will present their installations this Sunday, January 13th, from 4-7pm. Candida Pagan presents "The No-Confidence Party", and Sophia Wang presents "Greetings from Philaelphia" - the first show of miniatures in the Gallery Under the Stairs (GUS).
4-7pm; refreshments will be provided.
January 11: Motorcycle Anatomy and Manual Transmission Operation 101
Friday evening will be the second gathering of PIFAS Engineering. This course will show you how to operate a motorcycle and how to efficiently and correctly drive a vehicle with a manual transmission. Coffee and cookies provided by John Charles International
We will meet at PIFAS at 7:00 PM.
January 10: Philosophical Resarch Group

The Philosophical Research Group will be meeting again, this time in the new and improved lobby of the Institute, to discuss:

The Pleasant and Unpleasant Truths of Age, Aging, and the Passage of Time.

Again, the topic was broached on the PRG blog, but the main post can be read on the PRG project page

Begins at 7:00 PM
January 06: Chess Kings! with Catlan
Sunday, January 6th, from 3-5pm: The Four Knights Club meets again to discuss mating strategies. Efficiency is King. This meeting will be held in Catlan's quarters.
Chess, Propogation, Long Live the Four Knights Club!
January 03: Wintertimes: Mir and Game Lab

We are having, to spite the dark and cold, a little event in our warm lobby. Performances by Mir ( , Brian Moresberger, and— perhaps— an acoustic set by PIFAS Faculty members, The Extraordinaires.

Additionally, there will be a sit-down Game Lab, with thoughtful new game prototypes, and a few older ones served for consideration.

Hot coffee will be served.

Begins at 8:00PM.
December 30: Chess Kings! with Catlan
ON THE TABLE: Decoys, deep thoughts, and a review of a classic Fischer game. 3-5pm.
Open to all-comers
December 20: Pure Data Seminar
Pure Data Seminar year in review. We will discuss video possibilities using GEM and PDP, and the future of the pure data group - starting in January, Ramsey will be working on an audiovisual synthesizer based in pure data - open meetings will continue to be held, but the focus will no longer be pedagogical.