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Past Events
April 20: Howard Kleger: Modules. Schema. Diagrams

An exposition of the objects, methods, and ideas of Howard Kleger, in the town square of the Institute, on the 20th and 21st of the month.
Howard Kleger will be on-site for two consecutive evenings to help explain his modules, schema and diagrams to the lay public.

Howard Kleger

Begins at 7:00PM
Opening of the Drawing Exchange show - for two years, Ramsey Arnaoot mailed drawings to trade with artists around the world. This is an opening of the drawings he received.

Featured artists include: Irana Douer, Joe Grillo, Billy and Laura Grant, Kinya Hanada (Mumbleboy), Julian Gatto, Maximo Pedraza, Martin Legon, Anita Montecucco, Max Galyon, and Mike Ball.

Note - this is a continuing project. If you would like to trade drawings with me, please let me know and we can set it up. I will be in the Middle East for the next year at least, so it might take me a bit to get settled, but I will definitely be continuing the exchange.
8pm and onwards
The Pen16 Club continues - Pen16 is a collaborative drawing club which meets the 16th of every month. Pens are encouraged and pencils are not - club members are encouraged to trust in the fallibility of their own trembling hands.
Wednesday, April 16th, at 8pm
Sunday, April 13th, at 7pm, the Gallery Under the Stairs presents new work by Sanwaree Sethi(Moscow).

See her previous videos and photography.
Every Sunday in April, the Gallery Under the Stairs will open a new show. Sunday, April 6, 2008, at 7pm, GUS presents "Escalera Mocha" - a group show of Argentine artists assembled in Buenos Aires. Artists include Patricio Larrambebere, Ariel Cusnir, Irana Douer, Julian Gatto, Martin Legon, Anita Montecucco, Anabella Papa, and Maximo Pedraza. The show was mountained in an exact replica of GUS in Buenos Aires, and will be brought and reinstalled at the Gallery Under the Stairs the day of the show. Refreshments will be provided in the form of Licuados de Banana, Mate, Alfajores, and Tortas Fritas.
Opening reception begins at 7pm
April 01: Non Grata— "Art of the Invisibles."

NON GRATA is a Performance Group from Estonia, with 40 members from Estonia, Quebec, Finland, Latvia, Germany, USA, and France. NON GRATA has performed in Europe, Asia, North- and South-America with "GHETTOMARATHONS" - totaling 14 days in a Cellar, 240 hours in an Asylum, 336 hours in Experimental Space.

NON GRATA offers provocative challenges to art-world ideals and insularity, with an ethic of anonymity, primitivism, and group action. Starts at 9PM

$5 Suggested Donation.
March 27: German Class
German Class continues with a brief review of the last two weeks of beginning conversation, followed by a foray into new and exciting verbs and vocab! You are welcome to join even if you speak no German at all! Beginners at 7:00pm. (Punctuality is an important German virtue!) Advanced conversation and poetry at 8:00pm
Einmal ist kein Mal.
March 20: German Class
Associate Prof. Nate Holt continues his lessons in the language of Goethe, beer-culture, and economic recovery. German for Beginners: 7pm. There will be a quick re-cap of last week's conversation. This week's topic: "In the City". It doesn't matter if you didn't attend week one, or even if you don't speak a single word of German, you are welcome to join at any time. German for Conversation & Poetry Translation: 8pm.
March 19: Poetry Reading Club
The Poetry Reading Club offers a window into the souls of those around you, as well as your own. There is one rule at PRC: everyone MUST read at least one poem/piece of prose. Whether it is a great work from the canon of those deceased, a modern day musing from the living-learned, or a trifle that you, yourself would add to the eternal journal, all are welcome. Coffee will be served. Tuesday, March 18. 7:00pm.
March 19: Les Aus. Bestia Ferida. Little Ocean.
After the Poetics, there will be performances by Barcelona's Les Aus and Bestia Ferida, as well as Philadelphia's Little Ocean. Music Begins around 9:00PM.
Free and Open. Donations for Bands Welcome