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Past Events
November 08: Pure Data Seminar

It continues! The Pure Data seminar, back from a recent hiatus. This week we continue with Chapter 7 of Theory and Technique of Electronic Music. New patch production continues; we are also beginning to discuss final projects for the first semester (a collaborative patch, with each seminar member responsible for a section). This will be an exercise in collaborative software engineering as much as PD.

Please bring your own machine & a patch to discuss with the group
November 04: Chess Kings! with Catlan

Sunday, November 4th, from 3-5pm – Catlan teaches chess and gaming strategy. All levels welcome; please bring a board if you can.

November 03: Game Lab Special Edition: Constabus Cup

The PIFAS Department of Physiological Studies Presents:

Game Lab Special Edition: Constabus Cup

Saturday, Nov. 3rd

Begins at 1pm. Game Lab is taking a holistic approach with herbal remedies and games intended to exercise the mind and body. No experience required, but do bring a refreshing beverage and an open mind. Baked goods are also welcome.

Hosted by: Constance Mensh, faculty birthday girl; game lab facilitator

November 01: Devil Music Ensemble. Terry Riley's InC

The Devil Music Ensemble will be performing Terry Riley’s InC.

The DME extends an invitation to musicians who can read sheet music to perform with them, as an open rehearsal/audition. Two of the peformers will be chosen to perform it with them the next day at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Performers: 9:30.
InC: 10:30-11:00

Wednesday, October 31st, at 8pm, the Philadelphia Institute for Advanced Study presents: Halloween. Bobbing for apples, halloween games, and spooky music: Awesome Party presents Rowan and Hastings, Little Ocean as The Celebs, Jay Plus as m ax noi mach, Jeff Melkerson as The Corndawg, + open mic.

Bring Candy & a Costume
October 25: Pure Data Seminar

Thursday, October 25, at 8pm: Pure Data Seminar continues following up on our smashingly successful contributions to the “Cat People” soundtrack. This week we will continue discussing Chapter 6, delve further into the topic of pulse trains, and discuss new/developing patches.

Bring your own machine if possible.
Saturday, October 20th, at 8PM: K-Fai Steele, in conjunction with the Philadelphia Institute for Advanced Study, presents Cat People. The opening is comprised of two parts: an installation of life sized cat people, and a video adaptation of Shakespeare’s Othello, featuring human actors in simulation of the cat people.

More info here.

October 18: Pure Data Seminar

Thursday, October 18th, at 8pm, the Pure Data seminar returns. On the agenda: new patch production, Chapter 6 of Theory and Techniques of Electronic Music.

Bring your own machine if possible.
October 16: Pen16 Club

Tuesday, October 16th – the Pen16 club continues its historic work. The focus: collaborative drawing projects. Itinerary includes the scroll game, large scale drawings, pass the parcel.

Pens and paper provided. Bring snacks if possible.
October 07: Pictionary Potluck

Please bring one dish to share of your most exquisite cooking. The game itself will consist of creating large-format collaborative drawings.


All are welcome.