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Past Events
December 16: Chess Kings! with Catlan
Saturday, December 16th, 2007, the Four Knights Club meets again to discuss chess strategy. 3-5pm, bring a board if possible.
Open to the Public
December 16: The Pen16 Club
Sunday, December 16th, from 8-10pm - the Pen16 Club meets again. We continue to build on our success last month with a variety of new games and delicious snacks.
Mightier than the sword.
December 06: Pure Data Seminar
Pure Data seminar returns December 6th. Last meeting, we discussed pure data packets (PDP) and the network applications of PD, and took a quick look at the different tools that are available for video manipulation. This week we will continue on that track and discuss PD's integration with other programming languages.
Bring your own machine if possible
December 02: Chess Kings! with Catlan

Sunday, December 2nd, from 3-5pm the Four Knights Club continues its exploration of strategy and ethics as played out in the ancient sport of kings, Horseshoes. This week we will beleaguer our opponents with deep thoughts inspired by our class field trip to the 38th Annual National Chess Congress, where we observed our mentor performing admirably against a plethora of 8-year olds (or was it 8 year-olds?)
Long live the 'Four Knights Club'!

Sunday, November 18th, the Philadelphia Institute for Advanced Study invites the public to vocally support its very own John Charles Fritz as he competes in the first ever Philadelphia Marathon, 7AM at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Following the marathon, Mr. Fritz will be personally hosting the after-party at the Institute starting at 5pm, featuring musical performances by “The Corndawg” and special Argentine guest performer “Oto Borus”.

The afterparty is a potluck: please bring a dish or something to drink, maybe a soda or something hot. Coffee will be served as well as sloppy joes, personally cooked by Mrs. Fritz.

Marathon: 7AM; Celebration: 5PM

Attention, lovers of great chess sensations! Sunday, November 18th, from 3-5pm, Chess Kings continues. Last week we discussed pins and went through the logistics of chess notation, recording the moves from a game and playing the game back with commentary. This week, we will continue our discussion of chess solutions and examine the nature of tempo.

Long live the 'Four Knights Club'!

The Pen16 Drawing Club continues Friday, November 16th, with a party celebrating our half-year anniversary. The emphasis will be on drawing-as-game and drawing-environments. Pens and paper provided – please bring refreshments and an analytical eye.

8pm - late.
Diagnosis: Fun
November 15: Pure Data Seminar

Pure Data Seminar holds its 11th meeting; this week, we continue discussing Chapter 7, and examine our first implementations of a drum sequencer.

Bring your own machine if possible.

This will be the first meeting of the PIFAS Engineering Group. PIFAS Engineering is committed to exploring all forms of practical knowledge, not just those found in the traditional university setting.

The group will meet at 8 PM.
November 11: Chess Kings! with Catlan

Sunday, November 11th, from 3-5pm, Chess Kings continues. Last week we discussed general opening strategy, went over a few chess problems, and reviewed a 1907 game with particular attention to the effect early, seemingly innocuous errors can have devastating consequences in the end game. Additionally, we played a verbalization game, where all moves & their ramifications were discussed with the opponent prior to the move.

Bring a board if you can.