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Past Events
November 11: Wham City: Jurassic Park

Wham City presents:
They Should All be Destroyed
A Jurassic Park Play


November 05: Die Zauberflote
A cinematic, play-within-a-play version of Mozart's 1791 opera in two acts, directed by Ingmar Bergman and commissioned by Swedish TV for airing during the holiday season in 1974. Bergman studied the staging of the original Viennese performances before making this film, from the costuming to the theatrical devices, to the use of the Drottningholm Court Theater. Featuring the leading Swedish opera singers of the 70s: Hakan Hagegard as Papageno and Ragnar Ulfung as Monostatos.
Free and Open
October 30: Algorithmic Architecture.
For the second installment Melissa Frost will be delivering a short introduction philosophically questioning computer as creator followed by Kristen Smith (of PennDesign) presenting her well informed take on algorithmic design: “More commonly associated with problem solving strategies in mathematics and computing, algorithms have now taken on a central role in contemporary design theory and material fabrication. This new strategy for design follows in the tradition of process and rule based artisans like Jackson Pollack and Sol Lewitt that engage in a system whereby the executor follows the instructions while the outcome is not foreseen. By rejecting traditional canons and compositional methods, algorithms along with advanced computation allow for a rigorous method of achieving complexity, intricacy and formal variation. This talk will focus on the transformational role that algorithms play on the historical, philosophical and aesthetic implications to the discipline of architecture.“
8PM. Free and Open to the Public.
October 23: Skateboarding, Action, and Architecture

Faculty-member Brandon Joyce shares his inexpert opinions on how it is action that anoints architecture with meaning. Calling on street-skating as a high model, he’ll speak about how use, misuse, and transformation can override— or even negate— intent and expression in architectural design.

The talk will be short and followed by a discussion on the topics.

Coffee will be served.

Free and Open to the Public
October 18: John Karel presents: Cartoons 1928-1948
Some selections include: Felix the Cat, Mickey Mouse, Betty Boop, Looney Tunes, and more. Sugary cereal is included, bring your own bowl and spoon.
10:00 AM
A lecture addressing the work of Japanese fashion designer Kansai Yamamoto. To be discussed: his first international Tokyo/London fashion show (1971), Kabuki costume and theater devices, Ziggy Stardust, Hess's in Allentown, and the influence of kimono in western fashion. Lecture by K-Fai Steele.
FINALLY.... an exhibition of ALL of the collaborative drawings from the past YEAR of Pen16 drawing club meetings. HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS OF DRAWINGS BY OVER 60+ ARTISTS. 8-12pm (during the regular club meeting time) Bring friends. Be Prepared to Draw.
September 30: Introduction to Nietzsche

In this first of a two part series, Faculty member Brandon Joyce will be presenting a broad overview of central Nietzschean ideas.

Begins at 8PM. Coffee will be served.

September 21: Earth Crown. Secret Abuse. M Ax Noi Mach

Inside the headbanger's crypt (formally The Scarea), the Institute welcomes Earth Crown and Secret Abuse for an evening of scummy noise music.

Also appearing: M Ax Noi Mach and Dick Neff

Donations welcomed.

September 20: UMBAU

New Ideas in Architecture + Making in Pursuit of the Radical. How do we enage the world.
Architectural dreaming via Virginia, Bosnia-Herzogovina, Rwanda, Liberia, and Austria.