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Past Events
April 09: Holistic Pieces

The Headbanger's Crypt Company of PIFAS
at the institute
specific and personal music
played by

Yellow Crystal Star

Child Bride

Amir Coyle

with locals
Awesome Omen
and Suicide Magnets

donations please
March 22: Songwriters Showcase + Jana Kreisl

A songwriter showcase consisting of:
Uke of Spaces Corners (Dan Beckman)
Lux Perpetua
I Begged


Budenzauber, with Jana Kresil, our resident on loan from Kassel, Germany.


Donation Only.
March 15: Adam Leeds on the Economic Crisis

Media discussion of the financial crisis has been dominated by narrow finger pointing or generalized doomsaying. In his presentation, Adam will outline the so-called "shadow financial system" and the alphabet soup of financial instruments that tie it together. By the end, we will understand how rising default rates in an obscure part of the mortgage market could spread throughout the financial system, bringing the system overall first to a halt and then to collapse. Along the way, we will address such interconnected topics as securitization and derivatives, risk vs. uncertainty, liquidity vs. solvency, leverage and capital valuation, de-regulation and the global savings glut-- all in terms you can explain to your grandmother. There will be no numbers or math involved at all.

Finally, we will be able to understand the range of policy options already exercised and being considered, and how these technical problems manifest and disguise the real politics of winners vs. losers, Wall St. vs. Main Street. Time permitting, we will also address the larger macroeconomic imbalances in the advanced capitalist world system that have been growing since 1972, which provided the preconditions for the current crisis, and analogies with Japan's Lost Decade, the Scandinavian crash, and the Great Depression.

There will be no numbers and no math involved in this presentation

6:00PM. Free and Open to the Public.
March 14: Game Lab and Happy Occasion


Two Games are being tested and perfected on this occasion: a packing game and a music-theory game.
The packing game will consist of the competitive, clever packing of rigid objects into a measured space. The music-theory will be the competitive learning of scales, chords, and intervals.

This aside, there will be time for milling about and screwing around

Free and Open to the Public.


February 25: Life Drawing

Life drawing at the Institute is an investigation into the subject of the still-life, one of the most commonly employed genres throughout history. From the Egyptians to the Old European Masters and beyond, still-life painting has served many societal functions, whether equipping the dead with possessions needed in the afterlife, or symbolically communicating didactic messages. Please join us to discover the implications of this ancient tradition when applied to our contemporary landscape. Hosted by faculty members April Glaser and Hilary Price

Come prepared to draw.
7pm All skill levels welcome
February 18: Breaking World Records Show
An event sure to be much like the others except with more interesting music:
Mincemeat or 10 Speed ( Davy)
Dick Neff (Lance of the Back Basement)
Max Noi Mach (Fransicso)
EMBARKER (Michael Barker)
God Willing
Noise Nomads (westernn massss)
Pak (westt mass
George Myers (Western Mass)
Russian Tsarlag (prom)

please donate for bands on tour

In the front basement.

To follow: a brief lecture on comparative linguistics and comparative BBQ Photobucket
after the show
February 13: Lecture: The History of Valentines
Faculty member K-Fai Steele will give a history of the American lace-paper conceit and its origins, from handmades (1740-1840) to lithographs from the turn of the century. Also discussed will be the origin of the holiday (St. Valentinus, the Lupercalia, British Valentine superstitions). Was it a pipe dream?
Free and open to the public, 8:30PM
February 03: Radio Times
Faculty-member April Glaser will be giving a talk and demonstration about radio technology, with broader implications for analog with the onset of digital radio.

Afterwards, there will be a musical broadcast of two bands:

BIRDNAMES: from Chicago.

"I wouldn't have been surprised to learn that it was recorded in a men's room stall at the United Center . . . [O]ne of the brightest products of Chicago's art-damage scene in some time" -- Chicago Reader

As well as Philly's constant hitmakers:
The Celebs.

January 24: Camp-Out under the stars.

Tents. Teepees. Campfire. Story. Song. Sleeping Bags. Maybe some nightsky astronomy.

Begins around 10:00PM.

Our officially licensed PIFAS screens have arrived! Join us in covering everything we own with the official PIFAS seal. Everything is provided except clothing - bring screen printing ink if you have any to spare. New PIFAS Wear
Starts at 2 PM.