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There are no scheduled upcoming events.
Past Events
July 18: "Get Up Stand Up Comedy"
With comic performances by:

Andrew Jeffery Wright
Gavin Riley
Frankie Martin (via skype)
Brian Belott
Annie Pearlman
Leah Shuchter
Margaret Stevens
Brina Thurston

And opening of Perineum, in Liv-2-Serv, "a casino gamble to the death with cigarz and booze set somewhere in Africa."

July 15: Pica Opening and Musical Performance.
Opening of PICA Gallery within PIFAS.

As well as music by Graphs, Extreme Fishkin, Gun Muffs.

July 14: Musical Performance.
Super Sargasso (wv)
Good Weather (nj)
Cars Will Burn
July 12: Fruit on the Bottom
Opening of Gay Aztec club in Liv-2-Serv.

As well as musical performances by:
Russian Tsarlag
Matt Franco from Air Conditioning
Secret Boyfriends
Weyes Bluhud

July 10: Opening Pifas Place & The Queue

"Where People Meet"

Pifas Place and The Queue

Begins at 9PM, ends at 9AM.

JULY 10-31
June 19: An Caravan of Stars After Stars
Photobucket hosted by April and Francisco and PIFAS

the dog that rides the tractor can laugh at the snake
June 13: Italitn Ice is Luxury
Father Murphy (Italy)

Color is Luxury (Charles Cohen and Snowstorm)

Hot Guts (badmaster recs)

H.N.Y (1/2 Social Junk)

at the institute!

We are very excited to invite friends from Italy as well as Charles Cohen to PIFAS.

Based in the Philadelphia area, Charles Cohen has been amazing and challanging audiences for over 20 years. His music is entirely improvisational and produced solely on a vintage Buchla Music Easel synthesizer.
organized by April
May 22: Fell Fey Fun Feast
Join Black Elf Speaks for bread breaking and hot dogs friday evening. BBQ at five o'clock and soon afterwards music from Black Elf Speaks Awesome Omen Shawn Thornton Dick Neff and Johnny "The Corndawg" Fritz
"It's the elf way, man."
May 02: PIFAS at Padlock Gallery

Members of the PIFAS faculty will be showing old and new work in the Padlock gallery, located at 1409 Ellsworth St. in South Philadelphia.

More info: Padlock Gallery.
8PM-12AM. Refreshements will be served.
April 28: No Non-Synths Night

Headbanger's Crypt presents the second meeting of new PIFAS soul-music club.

Sejayno, new nouveau re-ancient music players of Baltimore, bring you their music and powerpoint lecture. at once meditative and wacky, futuristic an archaic. synthesizer alchemist Peter B. of ciat-lonbarde(.net)

local favorite
Color is Luxury perform their music

and DJ Dick Neff fills in gaps of information and time with records, tapes, sayings, and/or disguises.

please bring money to donate in return for the diversion/enlightenment

eat a wrinkle.