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Past Events
August 09: Pure Data Seminar

Thursday at 8pm will be the first meeting of the Pure Data seminar – PD is a real-time graphical programming environment for audio, video, and graphical processing. An introduction to the environment will commence on Thursday; the following weeks we will augment our knowledge with individual projects and special topics presented by seminar members. PD is free and open-source – please bring your own machine with the software installed – it is available for Linux, OS X, and Windows at the puredata web portal.

August 09: Here and Ga'an
One more TBA
God Willing:
La Otracina:
Goth Nite In
August 06: Cyrillic Alphabet

Please join us as Danila Apasov teaches us the orthography and pronunciation of the Cyrillic alphabet. We will begin at 7:00PM, and end when it is fit and proper to do so.

All are welcome.
August 05: German Discussion Group

This week, we will practice using prepositions, one of the trickiest parts of the German language.

August 05: Divine Lorraine Cinema Series - Perfect Blue

9pm – the Divine Lorraine Cinema Series presents Satoshi Kon’s (Paprika) directorial debut: Perfect Blue.

You are invited to sneak candy and refreshments into the theater
August 04: Here and Ga'an
July 29: A.P. Soundtracks - Finale

The last installment of the Acoustic Perceptions – Soundtracks project occurs Sunday, July 29th, at 9pm. In a final inquiry into the relationship sound can have with an immersive visual environment, the A.P. research team will investigate vocalization. Video T.B.A. Sunday evening.

Ever drifting down the stream—
Lingering in the golden gleam—
Life, what is it but a dream?

See also: “Maxims and Aphorisms in Service to Understanding the Greatest Reality” by Nathaniel "Steve" Holt.

Which dreamed it?
July 24: Kim Jong Il Commission

The commission meets again this week, to share its thoughts and findings on the DPRK.

We will be screening a short DPRK-sponsored animation, A Squirrel and a Hedgehog, and investigating the size, skill, and ardor of the North Korean animation industry.

We will also learn the Korean alphabet, by game and memory.

Begins at 9:00 PM
July 22: German Discussion Group

German! Come discuss and learn. All levels welcome. Learn the uses of the dative case. Reinforce adjective conjugation. And as usual, translate German stories and poems into English. 6:00 PM.

July 17: Spanish Language Group

This week’s discussion topic will be “Philadelphia and its neighborhoods”. Beginners should study relevant vocabulary given in the links below:


Starts at 8:00PM. Bring Dictionaries.