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Past Events
February 21: Philosophical Research Group
This weeks Philosophical Research Group will be on "Cellphones," at our new New York campus. 18 Java Street Brooklyn, NY 7PM. Enjoy
Free and Open to the Public.
September 30: Lecture on the Sims 3
A talk by faculty member K-Fai Steele on the culture surrounding the strategic life-simulation game The Sims 3. Held in conjunction with faculty member John Karel's Wii™ Macaroni and Cheese exhibit. My Sims 3 avatar reading
9:00PM. Free, and open to the public
September 12: Wii™ Macaroni and Cheese
Wii™ Macaroni and Cheese is a computer animated video self portrait that presents the mundane and boring task of preparing a macaroni and cheese dinner into a mundane and boring video game. Related paintings in the exhibition include portraits of Nintendo™ Wii™ avatars and still-lifes of 3D computer models created for the video.

The Wii™ Macaroni and Cheese video runs approximately 15 minutes and will be continuously projected throughout the opening reception.

Tags:video art, computer animation, Nintendo™ Wii™, portrait paintings, 3D computer modeling, PIFAS
Reception begins at 7:15PM. Free, and open to the public.
August 29: Thinking Inside the Box, Luke Yates.
1849. Henry ‘Box’ Brown, a tobacco slave from West Virginia, mails himself in a specially designed 2’×2’×3’ wooden box to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the nearest ‘free’ state in America. This story, alongside crucial influences from famed Philadelphian literati such as Donald Barthelme and Louisa May Alcott, forms the point of departure for this sensational and intrepid show of audio, poetry and acrobatics from PIFAS August resident Luke Yates. Also available will be the Thinking Inside the Box chapbook, a sensational and intrepid anthology of Luke’s Philadelphia poems alongside work conceived in the author’s native Manchester, England’s own City of Brotherly Love. 8PM.
August 08: Art Reception and
August 08: Theater Performances!
PICA @ PIFAS Presents:
Paul DeMuro: Summer Painting Exhibition.

Theresa Columbus's Scenes Play

Rebecca Nagle's A Dozen Things I Want To Do Onstage
Opening reception begins at 6. Performances to follow.
August 04: Here and Ga'an
La Otracina:
God Willing:
Goth Nite In
July 31: Closing Party for Pifas Place.
With Music by:
Mirror Mirror
Private Time
Raxtsfk n' Jag
Nathan Whipple
Tayisha Busay
July 24: Singles Night at Casuals
July 22: Pifas Cineplex presents:
Videos and animations by:
Alex Gorzynski
Erin Dunn
Ashiq Khonder
Lindsay Kovnat
Leslie Rodgers
Genevieve Belleveau


BIRD BASH, a "foam party in the back with a nude baby powder photo shoot."

As well as:

"My Way" Critical Karaoke at Casuals