Pifas Place

On July 10th the Philadelphia Institute for Advanced Study will open its doors to PIFAS PLACE- a faculty run studio wide conversion of artist-run cultural and commercial spaces that range from the mundane to the strange for the month of July. These spaces will either sell or exchange goods and services or may simply serve as exhibition or a space to gather, educate, or perform. Under the umbrella of PIFAS PLACE is the Queue, a curated group show that brings outside artists work into the form of a kiosk. See more here:


7/10: OPENING:

THE QUEUE, 9 pm.
For more infomation, visit

Casuals, bar and active showcase.

Unique Concepts
for less information, visit:

The On-Grounds Temple

As well as the Observatory, Haberdashery,
and much, much, much more.

Fruit on the Bottom, an Aztec
gay club, at LIV2SERV

Musical Performance: Russian Tsarlag,
Secret Boyfriends, & Weyes Bluhud.

Musical Performances by: Graphs,
Extreme Fishkin/Gun Muffs.

Pica Gallery Opening

"Get Up Stand Up Comedy"
Comedians: Andrew Jeffery Wright, Gavin Riley, Frankie Martin (via skype,) Brian Belott, Annie
Pearlman, Leah Shuchter, Margaret Stevens, Brina Thurston
And... Perineum, a casino deathgamble, set in Africa, at LIV2SERV.

Video and Animation Night, with Alex Gorzynski,
Lindsay Kovnat, Erin Dunn, Ashiq Khonder, Leslie Rodgers, and Genevieve Belleveau.

Bird Bash, foam party and photo shoot,

and Singles night, at Casuals

Closing Day and Show, with Bobo,
Private Time, Raxtsfk and Mirror Mirror

Participating Faculty include:
Tova Carlin & Guest Faculty Luke Stettner
Sienna Cordoba
Audrey Culp & Katie Miller
Richard Davis
April Glaser, Lindsay Kovnat & Guest Faculty Brian
McKelligot Wendy Jane Hyatt
Brandon Joyce
Matt Maycock & Joseph Zehner
Ben Phelan
Hilary Price
Manya Scheps
Lance Simmons
K-Fai Steele & Guest Faculty Lauren Manooigan
James Weissinger

Project Members