Escalera Mocha

During a stay in Buenos Aires, GUS curator Ramsey Arnaoot approached a group of Argentine artists with a proposal for an exhibition at the Gallery Under the Stairs in the Philadelphia Institute for Advanced Study. Arnaoot constructed a to-size model of the gallery out of cardboard at his house in Buenos Aires, and invited the artists to bring their works to install locally. After photographing the installation in Buenos Aires and noting special circumstances peculiar to some of the works, they were brought back to Philadelphia in his suitcase and installed on April 6th, 2008, in GUS. The exhibition's title, "Escalera Mocha", can refer both to the staircase above the gallery, and that contained within the exhibition.

Participating artists:

Ariel Cusnir
Irana Douer
Julian Gatto
Patricio Larrambebere
Anita Montecucco
Annabella Papa
Maximo Pedraza

Escalera Mocha - Images
  • Above
  • Julian, Maximo, Patricio
    Julian, Maximo, Patricio
  • Ariel Cusnir's paintings
    Ariel Cusnir's paintings
  • Anita(L), Irana(R)
    Anita(L), Irana(R)
  • The Installation
    The Installation
  • Sign
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