The Pen16 Club
The Pen16 Club is a drawing club dedicated to the indelible line - to the ideas that a drawing acts also as a historical record, that a mark that you wish wasn't there might have its own value, and that, in general, time should be spent drawing and not erasing. The club welcomes all-comers the 16th of every month for an evening of drawing and drawing games. Past games have included exquisite corpse, hot memory drawings, the scroll game, scribble, and glinks, but new ideas are always welcomed with gusto.

The club is currently presided over and administered by Institute Emeritus Erica Prince.

The Pen16 Club - Images
  • Blind Contour Drawings
    Blind Contour Drawings
  • Roz Hunter and The Toy
    Roz Hunter and The Toy
  • Hot Memory Drawings
    Hot Memory Drawings
  • A Game of Demon
    A Game of Demon
  • Glinks
  • Pen16 Party
    Pen16 Party
  • February 16
    February 16
  • Pen16 Show - 10/16/2008
    Pen16 Show - 10/16/2008
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