Biological Studies

A community program set up to explore cross sections of the biosphere from different angles. Each series will have discussions led by experts in the field, along with group discussions and group research to be presented.


The Kingdoms

In this series, we will have presentations on specific species across the various kingdoms - Bacteria, Protists, Fungus, Plants, Animals, and also Virii. The specific discussions should give some general information about the kingdom in general, but will also concentrate on a specific species within that kingdom.

The Senses

This series will concentrate on the senses that various organisms possess that help the perceive the world. We will initially concentrate on the five human senses - Vision (seeing), Audition (hearing), Gustation (tasting), Olfaction (smelling), and Tactition (touching). Then, we will move forward on to the various senses that have been observed in other species - such as electroperception in Sharks and other creatures.

The Habitats

Here, we will try to explore the biosphere of specific habitats -- from sea creatures in the depths of the oceans to bacteria that live inside volcanos to life in the jungle to life at the poles.

Genetics, Evolution

In this most important series, we will examine the modern theories of Genetics and Evolution.


Upcoming Events

Past Events

May 7th, 2008. 5:30 PM, PIFAS
Jini Naidoo, PhD, discussed Botany and the world of plants with the group.

March 15th, 2008. 2:00 PM, PIFAS [mp3]
John Zimmmerman, PhD, presented on the fungus kingdom, and spoke of his work on the species Aspergillus nidulans in our Kingdoms series.

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