Traditonal Photographics

The mission of the traditional photographics department at PIFAS is to utilize an increasingly available surplus of traditional darkroom equipment in order to engage the death rattle of film based photography. We aim to explore the many unexplored intersections of traditional photography with other mediums while the potential remains. Holdings of the photographics department currently include a functional darkroom, with medium format lenses and negative carriers, a light table, pin up crit. wall, sharing book/zine library, metal & plastic developing tanks/reels, slide carousels, a slide projector as well as misc. supplies for touching up or mounting prints. In progress at this time are both the "darkroom group" and the "lightroom group" which meet on an as needed basis. Interested parties should contact wendyjanehyatt(at)gmail(dot)com for the date of the next meet up or to arrange 1:1 instruction. melt whitemice-2011juniper6-05chelsea brianinbasement Untitled-38

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