Pure & Applied Mathematics

Pure Mathematics is, at its heart, the study of abstract thought over well defined structures. Applied Mathematics are those fields which are (for the most part) entirely mathematical, but are centered on real world applications.

For our pure mathematics program, we shall try and cover a wide spectrum of study. We will start with studying sets, and continue on to abstract algebra, real and complex analysis, probability theory, and topology and manifold theory, just to name a few areas of inquiry.

Our applied mathematics program is currently starting its Computer Science series. This series will cover such topics as Artificial Intelligence, Computability, Formal Language Theory, and Algorithms and Data Structures. The goal is to provide a well rounded survey of everything one could hope to learn in the standard undergraduate education of the subject.

Current Activities:

Computer Science:
We've already had one class on beginning programming. We'll have another soon on Formal Language Theory tentatively on June 25th, 2008 (6pm). In the mean time, you can catch up on things by reading this: Computer Science @ PIFAS (LaTeX source).

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