Matthew Maycock
Matthew Maycock


Biological Studies
In this series, the institute will present lectures on various aspects of biology - examing life from both the macro and micro level. All are welcome to attend.

Pure Mathematics
The institute plans on continuing the traditions of the South Philadelphia Athenaeum with lectures in Mathematics. The program will cover a broad range of topics, including:

 - Set Theory
 - Abstract Algebra
 - Probability Theory
 - Topology
 - Real Analysis

With more to be added as the desires of the group take shape.

Theological Studies

When more time is available (for all projects), there are plans to add Theological studies and dialogues to the institute.

On a related personal note, I wrote a paper [sources] on the Ahmadiyya situation in Indonesia. If more people have more to say about such topics, we can start the group off with discussions and such.


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