Drawing Exchange Show
April 20, 2008
Opening of the Drawing Exchange show - for two years, Ramsey Arnaoot mailed drawings to trade with artists around the world. This is an opening of the drawings he received.

Featured artists include: Irana Douer, Joe Grillo, Billy and Laura Grant, Kinya Hanada (Mumbleboy), Julian Gatto, Maximo Pedraza, Martin Legon, Anita Montecucco, Max Galyon, and Mike Ball.

Note - this is a continuing project. If you would like to trade drawings with me, please let me know and we can set it up. I will be in the Middle East for the next year at least, so it might take me a bit to get settled, but I will definitely be continuing the exchange.
8pm and onwards
Drawing Exchange Show - Images
  • Corner
  • Anita Montecucco
    Anita Montecucco
  • Billy Grant
    Billy Grant
  • Irana Douer
    Irana Douer
  • Joe Grillo
    Joe Grillo
  • Julian Gatto
    Julian Gatto
  • Kinya Hanada
    Kinya Hanada
  • Laura Grant
    Laura Grant
  • Martin Legon
    Martin Legon
  • Max Galyon
    Max Galyon
  • Maximo Pedraza
    Maximo Pedraza
  • Maximo Pedraza
    Maximo Pedraza
  • Maximo Pedraza
    Maximo Pedraza
  • Mike Ball
    Mike Ball
  • Wall